School to School Support

Education Connect places a strong emphasis on School-to-School Support, recognising the valuable insights and knowledge that can be gained through collaboration and the sharing of best practices. We believe that by harnessing this collective wisdom, we can drive meaningful improvements in our classrooms. Education Connect can create a tailored support package specifically designed to meet your needs. Our team of expert practitioners will visit your school, conducting thorough observations of lessons and reviewing your curriculum to perform a comprehensive audit. Working closely with you, we will develop a detailed plan to address any identified issues or areas requiring development.

The Executive Team at Education Connect comprises of esteemed professionals including Andy Moorcroft, CEO of The Challenge Academy Trust (TCAT), Vicky Briggs, Director of Education of TCAT and Tim Long, School Improvement Lead for TCAT. They are supported by a range of lead practitioners and senior leaders. With their extensive qualifications, strong reputation, and established expertise, our team offers a wide range of knowledge and support to benefit you and your school.

Throughout the support process, we offer firm and focused conversations to provide both guidance and challenge. We closely monitor progress against key performance indicator (KPI) milestones to ensure measurable advancements. Our aim is to build capacity within your school and establish a sustainable framework for continuous improvement.

Education Connect is committed to fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and supporting schools in achieving their goals. Partner with us to unlock your school’s potential and drive lasting positive change.

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